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The importance of your church notice board

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Once you have a church noticeboard package you are happy with, please contact us via phone, post or email with all the information and any preferred text and we will provide you with a design proof and full written quotation completely free of charge and without obligation. Then feel free to order your church noticeboards!

  1. First decide on a budget for your notice board
  2. The decide on what size of noticeboard you want and where it's going to be sited
  3. Do you need it to be free standing or wall mounted? If freestanding, do you require new posts?
  4. Do you require the option to display posters?
  5. Do you want to include any other options e.g full colour logos, post finials, anti-graffiti measures?

For many people, their first exposure to their local church is through it's signage

The image it projects on the outside should reflect the warmth and hospitality of the church and its congregation on the inside. A church notice board should reflect the personality and values of the church it represents, one that reaches out and communicates with the community, invites new members in, and offers messages of hope, friendship and inspiration to everyone.

Fundamentally, your church notice board is its standing invitation to the community and future congregations

Hints and tips for choosing your new notice board